Winning Points about Vedic Aroma Perfumes

highst first 👍 We use only the highest quality, therapeutic grade, certified organic or wild harvested essential oils, carrier oils and hydrolates, exceptional in their purity.

purity 👍 The vedaroma Essential oils used in our perfumery are derived from plants that are naturally cultivated without the use of chemical additives.

quality control 👍 All Vedic Aroma perfumes made according organic cosmetic standarts and certified by ­NATRUE.

greater potency 👍 Our essential oils are derived through a slow distillation process, at lower temperatures. This ensures the retention of all the active components in the oils, resulting in greater potency, effectiveness and a more delightful fragrance.

uniqueness 👍 All our products are energised, after bottling, using a unique and highly effective water vortex system. This raises the bar on quality.

longer shele life 👍 For longer shelf life of our oils, oxygen is dispelled from the bottle to avoid oxidation during the capping process.

life supporting 👍 We play soft melodies in our production and storage facilities to create a life supporting influence.

tried and tested 👍 Most users of Vedic Aroma perfumes comment the products with time keep their beutiful quality and become more rich and more pleasure.

well oriented 👍 vedic aromaproduction and storage is always and only in well-oriented buildings that uphold basic principles of architecture according to Natural Law.

name and form 👍 vedic pertains to Total Knowledge and its infinite organising power. The name VEDIC AROMA on our labels, according to research on name and form in Japan, brings this quality of life to our product.

creating world peace 👍 Our support of peace promoting projects throughout the world and our love, recognition, respect, and appreciation for the healing power of Mother Nature in plants and flowers is another important ingredient in our product.